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Trouble shooting.

Unplug your PoE Adapter

Unplug The PoE Adapter from the Wall Socket. This can either be Black or White Small Power Cable with a White Light.

Confirm Cube is Powered Down

Confirm now that your Router (The Black Cube) has no light on the bottom of it anymore.

Count to 30 and Power Up

Make sure you give enough time for each device to clear it’s Memory and Plug the PoE Adapter back into the Wall Socket.

Wait for the Radio to Reconnect

It can take up to 10 minutes for your NBW Radio to connect to our network again.

If your internet is not working the way you would expect it to, here are a few things you should know prior to giving us a call!

Viruses, Malware, Bloat!? Oh My…

Is it the internet, or your devices? Often times, slow internet is the result of poorly maintained devices on your network. Run a network speedtest to see if you’re getting your subscribed package. If you are, and the internet still feels slow, we can help you clean up those devices to get your best speeds.

Slow speeds over WiFi?

Home networking is tricky sometimes. We can only supply your package speeds directly to your router, it’s up to your router to make sure it makes it out to all your devices. If you’re getting slow speeds on wireless devices, plug right in to your Router (Black Cube) provided by NBW. A wired connection will always be your best connection, and is the only real way to do an accurate speed test. If it’s slow from there, Facebook, E-mail, or Call Us!

Why am I buffering again?

A stream that continually buffers could be several things. If the stream is from a site such as YouTube or Netflix, it could indicate network problems. Running a network speedtest will help to verify this. If the stream is from a third party website or an AndroidBox, it is more likely the source of the stream that is causing the problem.

Nothing is working at all!!!

The technology behind wireless internet is growing explosively. Software and hardware updates are constant and we do our best to be on that cutting edge to provide you with the best possible experience. If the internet is completely down, there is a possibility of network wide work being done. Check our Facebook page to see any known outages at the time.